Commercial Air Conditioners

SDV4-3P system

Sinclair SDV4F is a series of 3-pipe modular commercial systems for efficient energy use. The outdoor units of the SDV4-3P series are designed for use in buildings where both heating and cooling are needed. The heat or cold generated as a waste product when operating indoor units is utilized in another part of the air conditioning system. In a parallel operation, the operating costs will be reduced by up to 50%.

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SDV4F system

Sinclair SDV4F is a series of the modular commercial systems with power output from 25 kW to 246 kW, which features advanced technology, design and energy savings. This series uses DC inverter compressors and DC fan motors. Outdoor units can be installed both at the ground level and on the roof of the building. Possibility to connect up to 64 indoor units per system.

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SDV4 system

SDV4 is a series of the individual commercial systems with power output of up to 45kW, which allows to connect up to 15 indoor units. These outdoor units can be installed on the wall and are suitable for small installations such as offices, apartments or small buildings.

Sinclair SDV4 commercial air conditioners contain a number of key technologies which improve performance and save energy.

Here are the main technologies which create the perfect cooling/heating performance, enhance comfort and reliability with easy installation.

  • Large capacity for big sized building
  • Large quantity of connectable indoor units
  • Wide operation range
  • Long piping length
  • Extra high static pressure
  • High Efficiency
  • Integrated solution for control and management

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