SDV5 system

Sinclair SDV5 is a series of the individual commercial systems with power output from 28 kW to 270 kW, which features advanced technology, design and energy savings. This series uses DC inverter EVI compressors and DC fan motors. Outdoor units can be installed both at the ground level and on the roof of the building. Possibility to connect up to 64 indoor units per system.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Long piping – total up to 1000 m
  • Wide range of operating temperatures (heating down to -20° C)
  • Backup operation if multiple units are connected modularly
  • Load balancing among units
  • Multi-stage oil control and distribution
  • Smart defrosting
  • Flexible piping connection

Large Quantity of Connectable Indoor Units

The large number of connectable units is suitable for large buildings and projects. Maximum 64 indoor units with capacity up to 130 % of total power of outdoor units can be connected as one refrigeration system.

Long Piping Length

The solution supports an incredible piping length of 1000 m and level difference of 110 m, making it perfect for large projects.


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