High temperature air-to-water heat pumps S-THERM+

SINCLAIR heat pump absorbs energy from the surroundings and transfers it to heat the water. So the house could be warmed by pumping this warm water to an underfloor pipe heating system or radiators.

The indoor unit is designed for super low noise operation. All moving parts are set on a suspended base with the pipe system carefully designed and arranged to reduce vibration. The Inside of the cabinet is fully insulated. All this ensures that the unit operates stably and quietly.

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DC Inverter air-to-water heat pumps S-THERM

Air-to-water heat pump takes heat from the outdoor air and transfers it to the water which is then used for heating of a house or of domestic hot water. Modern heat pump can take heat from air even in low ambient temperatures, so they can work almost all year-round.

S-THERM heat pump is designed for providing hot water for heating in the winter but it can also provide cold water for cooling in summer. If you use fan-coil units, this heat pump can be used for cooling and heating. There is no need for independent air-conditioning unit.

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Sanitary water heater units SWH

SINCLAIR SWH (sanitary water heater) uses a small heat pump to heat domestic hot water. Heat is taken from the air from the outdoor environment or from indoor environment. You can use these units also to lower the temperature in some rooms of the house.

Because the heat pump capacity can be small, the unit is very quiet. Also, it is very easy to connect it to the system. You don’t need to do anything with the refrigerant circuit, only connect water pipes and air pipes.

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SINCLAIR tanks for heating and hot water

For optimal performance of a heat pump, it is also important to use a suitable tank. This is why SINCLAIR provides wide range of storage tanks and DHW tanks (domestic hot water), which are optimized for use with heat pumps.

We produce standard storage tanks which can store heat when capacity of the heat pump is higher than house demand and can also provide energy for defrosting of the unit. Another type is used to provide hot water for the house. Last type we offer combines properties of both tanks mentioned before.

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Fan coil units SINCLAIR

For people who want to use heat pump not only for heating but also for cooling, SINCLAIR offers fan coil units (FCU). Standard floor-heating or radiator heating is not suitable for cooling. This is because of the dew point - when temperature of the surface is under this point, water from the air condenses on this surface. This can be a problem.

On the contrary, FCU can deal with this, as they have a drip tray with connection to the drain pipe so the condensed water can be carried out of the unit to the drainage.

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