High temperature air-to-water heat pumps S-THERM+ 2nd gen

High temperature air-to-water heat pumps S-THERM+ 2nd gen

SINCLAIR heat pump absorbs energy from the surroundings and transfers it to heat the water. The house is then heated by hot water flowing through the underfloor pipes or radiators.

The indoor unit is designed for super low noise operation. All moving parts are set on a suspended base with the pipe system carefully designed and arranged to reduce vibration. The Inside of the cabinet is fully insulated. All this ensures that the unit operates stably and quietly.

Why to choose our heat pump

Our heat pumps of product line S-Therm+ have been tested according to EHPA standards and reached excellent results of energy efficiency. Output water is guaranteed to be 60 °C even if the outside temperature is up to -20 °C.

Driving unit is ensuring smooth running of regulatory process without fluctuations, which is the usual bug of for example universal driving units. The use of EVI technology (Enhanced Vapor Injection) by Copeland significantly improves COP by simultaneously reducing power consumption and enhancing heating power. Heat exchanger of brand Gimleo is not only condenser (in heating) but also refrigerant accumulator. The right amount and pressure of refrigerant flowing through the system is controlled by electronic expansion valve made by Emerson. Outdoor unit runs smoothly and quietly because of silent ventilator Ziehl-Abegg with only 60 dB of sound power level. Defrost cycles as well as cooling in the summer are possible thanks to four way valve. All of this developed and made in Czech republic is being controlled by SMART SINCLAIR and is reaching excellent parameters with SCOP 4,08 for 35 °C water.


  • EVI compressor Copeland with refrigerant R407C
  • Outlet water temperature up to 60 °C
  • Inovative chassis of the indoor unit reduces noise and vibrations
  • Wilo EC water pump installed inside
  • 3 kW e-heater inside of the indoor unit
  • Intelligent Smart Sinclair controller
  • Seasonal coefficient of performance SCOP 4,08
  • Measuring of current water flow and COP
  • 5 years guarantee

Complex control system

The high-temperature heat pump SINCLAIR S-THERM+ including its control unit is designed as a complex system arranging efficient economy of the heat power for balanced and efficient operation of a house, including of solar elements as an additional source of heat power and the possibility of a pool heating. But it is naturally dependent on stable supply of necessary quantity of electric power for its operation from the electric network.

For the case of power cut it is possible to equip the control unit with special accessory - a GSM module with battery feeding, which sends – in case of power cut – a SMS about the event to defined phone numbers and in case of a fatal fault it provides the system with status information serving to the pump operator in case of his absence to take necessary steps for operation restoration or necessary measures taking.


Indoor unit

  • Base frame and external panels made of galvanized powder coated steel
  • Water exchanger equipped with ESt coil in shell high efficiency exchanger
  • Flow sensor for water flow protection
  • Full sealed control box with IP60
  • New lattice LCD display wire controller with JOG wheel
  • 3kW bivalent electric heater inside the indoor unit
  • Certified by Engineering Testing Institute
  • Values were measured according to EN 14511-2:2012

Outdoor unit

  • Air exchanger (coil-fins) with hydrophylic coating
  • Electrical expansion valve Emerson
  • Automatic intelligent defrosting function
  • General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before package
  • Fan with EC motor
  • Anti-snow function

The device contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Used refrigerant R407C (52% HFC-134a, 25% HFC-125, 23% HFC-32), GWP 1774, environmentally friendly.


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