UNI SPLIT Series: Duct units

UNI SPLIT Series: Duct units

Designed to be used in combination with ducts, those units are the best option for larger and more complicated installations, where proper air distribution is secured via the ducting. The capacity of duct units ranges from 3,5 kW up to 16 kW.

There is remote and wired controller in the standard package. Central controller, weekly timer and Wi-Fi module are available as optional accessories.

Reasons to choose this product

Sinclair duct units have small and compact design, which makes the installation as easy as possible. You can adjust the external static pressure in order to achieve optimal performance. Those units also have all common user functions like auto restart, I FEEL etc.

Benefits of product


Standard air conditioners have a fixed speed compressor and therefore have no ability to reduce the power consumption as they are not able to vary the load. With a DC Inverter drive, the unit can work on a partial load thereby reduces the power consumption not only on start up but also on running costs.


Our units adapts new environmentally-friendly refrigerant R32 (GWP only 675). Help us to reduce the global warming by using modern, better refrigerants.


  • Energy class A+ / A+
  • DC Inverter technology
  • Anticorrosion treatment of exchangers
  • Remote and wired controller
  • Optional Wi-Fi module SWM-03
  • Optional weekly timer SWC-03 or wired controller SCC-16
  • Optional condensate pump

You should combine indoor units ASD-xxBI with universal outdoor units ASGE-xxBI or ASGE-xxBI-3 with the same capacity.


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Our strength is quality products with reasonable price setting. We have very wide product range, with very good stock availability whole year round. We put emphasis on aftersales service, spare parts availability and technical support, also we provide technical trainings. With our partners we create long term, mutually benefitial business cooperation.

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