Wall mounted: SPECTRUM PLUS series

Wall mounted: SPECTRUM PLUS series

The same elegant and unique design as SPECTRUM series, however with enhanced operation. The main advantage of SPECTRUM PLUS series is two-stage compressor. This technology enhances efficiency and capacity, but the main goal is to achieve better operating range. In heating mode the unit can operate up to -30 °C of outdoor ambient temperature, in cooling mode it is up to +54 °C. SPECTRUM PLUS series will keep you warm even in really harsh winter. All the user functions are matter of course.

Reasons to choose this product

Reliability and high efficiency even in low outdoor temperatures – that is SPECTRUM PLUS. All the user functions and technology makes this series the most sophisticated wall mounted unit in our product range. SPECTRUM PLUS units are for the most demanding customers who refuse to do any compromises.

Benefits of product


Standard air conditioners have a fixed speed compressor and therefore have no ability to reduce the power consumption as they are not able to vary the load. With a DC Inverter drive, the unit can work on a partial load thereby reduces the power consumption not only on start up but also on running costs.


SINCLAIR air conditioner will not only cool or heat your room, but it will also make your environment safer. Plasma technology will make the air cleaner, fresher, free of harmful bacteria. Protect your family with this new feature. Lower your chances of becoming sick with flu or any other illness caused by air-borne bacteria. You can lower the allergens in the air, improving life of allergic persons.


Our units adapts new environmentally-friendly refrigerant R32 (GWP only 675). Help us to reduce the global warming by using modern, better refrigerants.


  • Energy class A++ / A+
  • Hidden display
  • 7 speeds of fan
  •  2-stage compressor
  • Adjustable heating range 8–30° C
  • Low ambient heating -30° C
  • Horizontal and vertical guide louver swing
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R32
  • Standard Wi-Fi control
  • Standard filters – catechin SAF-OPWC4 and silver filter SAF-OPWS4
  • Cold plasma generator


Our Clients And Business Partners

Our strength is quality products with reasonable price setting. We have very wide product range, with very good stock availability whole year round. We put emphasis on aftersales service, spare parts availability and technical support, also we provide technical trainings. With our partners we create long term, mutually benefitial business cooperation.

EPCOS, ABB, O2, E.ON, Ferona, Systemair

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